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Mobile applications
One thing is of paramount importance for scales in scrap ferries or trailers: you must be able to position them anywhere.
Schenck Process weighing system solutions are designed with this in mind. As mobile equipment, they can always be positioned in close proximity to various scrap fractions. The best place to fit weighing systems is inside the vehicle frame under the scrap bucket but sufficiently clear of the ground. This protects the weighing system from scrap parts, dampness and mud.
Scrap ferry scales on vehicles with shock absorption are usually designed as double-frame solutions with large RTN load cells. We recommend weighbeams with integrated overload protection for vehicles without suspension or damping.

High levels of weighing accuracy. Guaranteed!
Despite being highly dynamic, the weighing equipment we fit in scrap ferries achieves accuracies of up to +/- 0.1% of the weighing range’s limit value.
The precise charging of smaller volumes of high alloy steels is of particular importance in scrap yards. Once taring (based on a defined minimum load) is complete, Schenck Process guarantees accuracies of up to +/-1% of the actual value of the loaded scrap. If one grade of approx. 10t is loaded in a single load, the weighing tolerances will therefore be no more than +/- 100kg.
Our experts would be happy to draw up a complete quotation for your mechanical installation, energy supply concept and data transfer, including guaranteed levels of weighing accuracy. Give us a call to discuss the details.

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