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The clever mobile solution
If processes are to be carried out with accuracy, the hopper scales must be adjusted with precision. But structural circumstances mean that the burden hoppers cannot always be checked for accuracy or adjusted by fitting or adding external weights. Or if this is possible, it is simply too complex a process.
As an alternative Schenck Process can supply mobile check wear to provide a smart solution to this task.
The mobile check wear consists of a two-section frame with an integrated hydraulic cylinder and master load cell. This unit is supplied pre-assembled by Schenck Process and is suspended between the base of the hopper and the foundation using terminal links.

Reliability through correct adjustment
Once the hydraulic pressure has been applied, the test equipment produces a tractive force between the hopper and foundation, a proportion of which is forwarded to the scales’ load cell as the resultant weight. The result is displayed on the DISOMAT® Tersus.
A comparison of the two evaluation electronics provides information about correct adjustment or shunt forces on the hopper scales if required.

Mobile or stationary
Depending on size and usage, Schenck Process check wear can be fitted permanently to the hopper or used as a mobile unit for several hoppers.

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