High-precision, dynamic, for all speeds

When railway lines are damaged by overloaded or incorrectly loaded wagons, it’s too late for repairs. It is almost impossible to anticipate the material damage or to entirely prevent possible accidents where people are injured.

MULTIRAIL® SpeedWeight from Schenck Process, the system for recording wheel, axle and wagon weights at all speeds, reliably ensures that these situations do not arise in the first place while saving time and manpower.

The MULTIRAIL® system identifies vehicles with critical load statuses (e.g. overloading or tilted loads) on the track section. Diagnosis is carried out by wheel or wagon, a clear classification of all results is provided and the wagon type detected. The front/rear and right/left load distribution in the wagon is recorded, saved, printed out and clearly displayed. There are also a number of evaluations for exact diagnosis of loading on the section of track.

Equipment and design
The weighing concrete sleeper, which was specially developed for MULTIRAIL®, features high-precision weighing sensors that transfer all forces and torque and measure vertical force components. It is highly accurate and works at speeds between 10 and 250km/h.
The system is integrated into the track without gaps. Weighing values and data are processed using a PC.

Basic function, including:

  • calculating and monitoring wheel, axle and wagon loads
  • result classification by wheel or wagon
  • wagon type detection
  • calculating the front/rear and right/left load distribution in the wagon
  • saving and printing out the diagnosis data
  • visualization

The MULTIRAIL® SpeedWeight is available in the version described above and in an eco version. The MULTIRAIL® specialists at Schenck Process will be happy to explain which version provides the optimum solution for your setup. The linked pages below provide more accurate specifications.


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