Precise control for perfect handling

Bulk materials handling covers a vast array of technologies used for moving materials from A to B in an equally wide range of industries. Pneumatic Conveying is one solution for the precise, dust-free transportation of Bulk solids. Conveying materials in a controlled and environmentally safe manner.  Monitoring and intelligently adjusting the flow to suit your applications, whether you use a pressure or suction system, our industry-leading pneumatic conveying technologies efficiently control air or gas flows, ensuring optimised transport and handling through every phase of your process.

We've got your pneumatic conveyor needs covered

As industry leaders, our pneumatic conveying systems cover all types of dilute (lean) and dense phases of conveying. With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and design systems our products meet the unique challenges of all major industry applications. And naturally, we also offer pneumatic injection technology and industrial central vacuum systems too.

Cutting-edge solutions for transforming your processes

We partner with you to provide the perfect equipment for your plant. Whether you need space-saving solutions or a specialized pneumatic conveyor system to handle delicate materials, reduce energy consumption or deliver increased air control, we can engineer a solution that provides outstanding performance and long-life operation. 

No matter your requirements and industry, we deliver efficiency from start to finish, reducing maintenance and overall operational costs. 

Let’s make your processes work

We are the global partner who lives your process challenges with you. Our passion for always going the extra mile to deliver the best solutions means there’s nothing we can’t solve together.

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Tailored service you can count on

Because every service challenge is unique, we work with you every step of the way to develop a concept that is fully tailored to your unique needs.

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Test for the best

With our global Test Centers, we can ensure your ingredients and machines are always perfectly matched before you deploy them.

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Partnership for us means always being on hand to support you whenever and wherever you need us. With our global network of locations and expert partners, we make sure we are always right by your side.

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