To provide the most effective pneumatic conveying system for ash handling requires a range of pumps and pressure vessels for the Power and Heavy Industries.

The range of pumps available from Schenck Process are as follows:
  • Multi PD Dense Phase Pumps
  • Multi Dense Phase System

Multi PD Dense Phase Pumps

The Multi PD Pump is designed for handling either fine or coarse fly ash from ESPs or from bag filters and can be used to convey directly to the main silos without using an intermediate hopper. There can be up to 8 pumps connected on the same pipeline with an ESP. The most efficient arrangement is for the vessels to be connected across the gas stream of the ESP so that each vessel receives approximately an even loading. No level probe is required in the ESP when using the Multi PD pump system

The Multi-PD pump system is able to convey distances up to 750m and at higher conveying velocities than with multi Dense Phase vessels. The Multi-PD system also has lower specific air consumption and utilise smaller pipe sizes to achieve the same conveying rate as a multi Dense Phase system.

The Multi PD pump assemblies are supplied complete with Dome Valve, electro-pneumatic controls and air supply piping, strainer, pressure regulation and control equipment pre-piped and pre-wired ready for connection to isolated air and electric supplies and connection to a suitable vent pipeline.

Multi Dense Phase System

Originally developed in the 1970’s for the power industry, the Multi Dense Phase System has been advanced to reliably handle a wide variety of ash from economisers, air heaters, electrostatic precipitators and waste incinerators. The Multi Dense Phase System is a simple, effective and highly reliable method of conveying ash from single or multiple collection points to either single or multiple reception silos. The Dome Valve being the only moving part in the vessel ensures system reliability and low maintenance operation.

Even with its low height Multi Dense Phase Systems are capable of operating at temperatures up to 480ºC with throughput rates of up to 100 t/hr and distances up to 200 metres. Originally designed for conveying of fly ash from multi outlet precipitators or bag filters on powers stations, the same Multi Dense Phase technology can be used with other materials in other industries where material is to be conveyed from multi outlet precipitators, bag filters or multiple feed points.

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