Expertly engineered flow control devices

Finding optimal solutions to manage the flow of your bulk materials mechanically can be challenging. Every material has different characteristics and every application different needs, meaning designing and installing the perfect valve, airlock, or mechanical device for your processes requires expert knowledge and experience.

With decades of experience in bulk material handling and processes we continuously develop flow control solutions for a wide range of bulk material handling applications across all industries.

The durable flow control solutions you need

Whatever your specific needs, we have the ideal equipment. Our robust and reliable mechanical flow controls are engineered for applications in every industry, from high pressure sealing to gravity applications, iron ore. Each product is meticulously designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular industry use without damaging your bulk material in the process. 

NFPA Compliant for your safety

In today’s bulk handling systems, almost all materials are combustible given the right conditions. At Schenck Process, we partner with you to ensure the airlocks in your system are compliant to the NFPA 69 (12.2.4) standard where required, and offer aftercare maintenance programs to make sure they remain compliant.

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We are the global partner who lives your process challenges with you. Our passion for always going the extra mile to deliver the best solutions means there’s nothing we can’t solve together.

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Because every service challenge is unique, we work with you every step of the way to develop a concept that is fully tailored to your unique needs.

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With our global Test Centers, we can ensure your ingredients and machines are always perfectly matched before you deploy them.

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