Driving sustainability in
everything we do

We have a passion for solving complex challenges that runs through our company's DNA. And for us, there is no greater challenge than helping to ensure the sustainable future of the world we are part of.

By the very nature of what we do for our customers in helping them transform their processes, our business model is fully geared towards delivering sustainability in everything we do. And we could not be prouder of the way our world-class solutions contribute towards this every single day – by maximizing efficiency for our customers and ensuring optimal use of our planet’s precious natural resources.

As a company with more than 1,100 people working across four continents and multiple industry sectors, we also fully embrace our responsibility as a global employer, corporate citizen, and ethical partner.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on the four key areas of environmental protection, social responsibility, our people, and governance. And in order to ensure we drive sustainability across all areas of our business in line with them, we continuously ask ourselves three questions:

  • Where can we make a tangible contribution?
  • What are our solutions to address the key challenges?
  • And what are we doing to continuously challenge the status quo of our sustainability strategy?

Learn more about our goals and our commitment in our Sustainability Report

“Engineering sustainable transformation is one of our key values. It is at the heart of all our efforts in inspiring positive impact in the industries and communities we operate in.”

Dr. Jörg Ulrich, CEO

Our planet, our responsibility

Making a positive contribution to the protection and preservation of the natural environment for us means practicing what we preach to our customers by making our own processes as sustainable as possible. This is why we continuously assess our value chain to see how we can avoid waste, minimize energy consumption, and increase our use of more environmentally friendly materials wherever we see an opportunity. 

Making a positive impact, externally

We work hand in hand with our customers to protect the environment. Whether in the field of reusable plastics, sustainable cement, or conscious nutrition – our technologies and solutions replace or reduce the amount of natural resources needed and support our customers on their "Net Zero" journey. Our prominent MultiFlex Feeder, for instance, not only reduces the amount of energy used in cement production but also converts unrecyclable waste materials into alternative fuels.

Sustainable production with SHAPA Award winner MultiFlex

Making a positive impact, internally

For us, environmental protection begins with the elimination of hazards, noise, waste, and pollution. This is why we are currently modernizing our facilities and pushing forward with our digitalization strategy to reduce waste and energy consumption across all areas of our business.

Our communities, our responsibility

As a company with a global footprint in 14 countries, we do not just conduct our business in the regions where we are present. As an integral part of those communities, we actively take responsibility for supporting them in any way we can – with targeted initiatives and charitable donations.

Making a positive impact, locally

From flood relief and student sponsorships to COVID-19 aid, we always try to help the communities we live and work in with support that is tailored to their specific challenges. Whether it is through local initiatives, fundraisers, direct or in-kind donations.

Making a positive impact, globally

As a truly international company, we also continuously challenge ourselves to make a positive impact at the world level. This is why we are driving forward with various global programs like our Social Hero Award to empower our people to be the change they want to see in the world.

Social Heroes – empowering our people to do their part

As a company, we are united in our passion for solving complex problems for our customers. But as individuals, we are also passionate about helping to solve problems that are close to our own hearts in the communities we live and the wider world. This is why we launched our global Social Hero initiative – to empower and support our people in becoming leaders of the positive change they want to see in the world.

Our people, our responsibility

Our more than 1,100 global employees are as different as people can be. But their shared passion and dedication for what they do unites us as one team – and one family. And for us, family always comes first. This is why we do everything we can to protect ours, make them feel at home and give them the support they need to always grow in line with their ambitions. 

Diversity & Inclusion: making everyone feel at home

Our family is open to everyone. But we also know that our industry has a long way to go to become truly diverse and inclusive. Thus, we are pushing forward with a strategy designed to break down barriers so we can attract, engage, and retain more diverse talent – always considering regional needs. Through our initiative “More than a label” we proactively foster a more open culture where everyone can feel safe, valued and respected for who they are.

Worker in safety clothes

Health & Safety: protecting our entire family

Guaranteeing the safety of our people, customers, contractors, and visitors across all of our sites is of the utmost importance to us. As a company, our commitment to a zero-harm culture begins with ensuring our safety standards are always aligned with company best practices and based on uncompromising risk assessments. As individuals, our commitment ends with each and every one of us adhering to those standards – so everyone’s safety always comes first.

Cardinal Commitments

Growth & Development: supporting all of our people’s ambitions

It is the passion and dedication of our people in delivering continuous improvement for our customers that has made us the company we are today. And that is something we will never take for granted. This is why we make it our business to support them in following their individual passions and ambitions to the fullest. Whether by giving them a first opportunity as an intern – or by continuously fostering their development with tailored training, feedback sessions, and further education.

“We invest in our people and our communities to drive lasting change.”

Dr. Jörg Ulrich, CEO

Our conduct, our responsibility

We have spent the last 140 years building our reputation as a partner that all of our many stakeholders can trust. And that reputation and their trust means everything to us. To ensure that never changes, we have a comprehensive compliance management system in place to govern our ethical business practices based on the following process: Prevent, Detect, Respond, Correct. In this process, both our Whistleblower Hotline and our Code of Conduct play a central role.

Whistleblower Protection: ensuring our compliance

Maintaining our ethical approach to business is something we take very seriously. This is why we have established an independent and secure Whistleblower Hotline where our people and external partners can report any issues of concern. To ensure absolute confidentiality and anonymity, we employ an external ombudsman to investigate each and every report.

Anonymous Whistleblower Hotline

Our Code of Conduct: setting the tone for best practices

We have built our reputation as a trusted partner on always being honest and open in our business relationships. This is why we follow a Code of Conduct, which sets clear standards for ethical behavior in everything we do – and ensures we always remain the trusted business partner we pride ourselves on.

Our Code of Conduct
Living sustainability in line with UN goals

Our approach to sustainability is fully aligned with the official UN Sustainable Development Goals. Find out what they are and what we do to meet them via the link below.

Go to UN goals

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