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Which feeder is best for your bulk material? What’s the best way to combine pneumatic conveying, dust collection and feeding? And what requirements do alternative fuels place on feeding and conveying systems? We are passionate about answering these and thousands of other questions. That’s what makes us experts in processes. 

We test — you benefit

There are endless reasons for improving your processes – making a better product than the competition, lowering operation costs, reducing your environmental footprint, increasing staff safety. There are also many theories on how to optimize your business. But how do you put theories into practice? Our TestCenters offer you the equipment plus decades of experience trying out all types of processes. Our accumulated expertise in testing can help you find a solution quickly, whether you are experimenting with new materials, developing new products, thinking of investing in new machinery, or fine-tuning your logistics.

Our specialized TestCenters

Bulk materials, weighing & feeding solutions and pneumatic conveying

Which feeder or pneumatic conveyor is best suited to your bulk material? The experts at our new TestCenter in Darmstadt that are based on real life situations will find the perfect solution for you. This ultra-modern facility for material and prototype testing is centred around perfectly matched feeding processes. More test rigs and an improved level of automation mean that the TestCenter can now run even more accurate tests, all very closely based on actual processing circumstances.  Get in contact

Pneumatic conveying and injection systems

Showcasing the latest in pneumatic technologies for dense phase, lean phase, vacuum and injection, the modern Schenck Process Test Centre enables customers to run extensive tests and assessments on their materials, whilst easily monitoring the process. The centre is also designed to help customers find solutions to problems encountered during pneumatic conveying or injecting materials across a large number of industries; whether you work in the iron or steel industry or process bulk solids such as NF metals, cement, minerals or chemicals. Get in contact

Alternative fuels

Dedicated to the Alternative Fuels Cement industry world-wide, our teams at Schenck Process have built an advanced Test & Innovation Centre, located in Prague Czech Republic. Backed by an ethos of bringing sustainability to the cement industry, our Test & Innovation centre features Pneumatic Conveyors, as well as Belt and Chain Conveyors, Flexible Feeders and Valves, Logistical Controls, as well as Bulk Loading and Unloading solutions. Get in contact

Testing alternative fuels for cement at the Prague Test & Innovation Center

Material testing and product development

Powders, pellets, and particles, fibers and flocks, gravel and granulates, crystals and liquids… We have tested them all and gained practical knowledge which helps us optimize processes and customize the design of our solutions to suit your aims. Our laboratories are well equipped. For example, we use laser particle size analyzers to facilitate accurate size determination and particle size distribution of both feed and processed materials. 


We also offer our facilities for the development of new products and processes, the production of samples for test marketing, and for feasibility trials.


Test our powder, dust processing equipment and solution in advance at our TestCenters - always extremely precise and trouble-free.


Our Schenck Process TestCenters provide you precise equipment for feeding and metering polyester fiber strands, polyester chips and PTA powders.


When testing your mineral processing in advance, our TestCenters will help you to maximize minerals in the most sustainable and economic manner and to generate efficiencies.


Whether you are processing new colors or innovative additives, the right pneumatic conveying, feeding and metering system is critical. Therefore, test it already in advance to ensure successful production results.


Liquids are often worth their weight in gold. Therefore, benefit from our testing opportunities and weighing solutions which weigh quickly, reliably and with certified precision your valuable liquids at up to 10km/h.

Bulk Materials A-Z
Bulk Materials A-Z

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