Extending your product lifecycle

Profitable manufacturing is sustained by dependable processes and precise material flows. Even small deviations can have a huge impact. Fortunately, our individual service contracts meet your exact needs in the most cost-effective way, with original spare parts, timely upgrades, and extended warranty periods. We have everything ready to extend your product lifecycle. 

Benefit from customized service agreements

Our services are tailored to meet your needs in terms of budget, time, quality and performance. Our consultants make sure the repair work is effective and executed to the highest quality. Genuine OEM spares, wearing parts and components ensure the availability of your systems.

Planning for the future

Deep process knowledge and close equipment monitoring allow us to plan our support for when you need spares and consumables. We keep lead times short by providing you with an initial spare parts package. We also assure parts availability for the lifecycle of your equipment and offer recommendations for stock optimization. We keep a large safety deposit of industrial spare parts for timely and proactive replacement.

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Get ready to upgrade

We don’t just keep your equipment running, we can modify and upgrade it to meet your evolving goals and conditions. Our experienced service consultants can monitor your condition, analyze your requirements — for example, when you send in your equipment for repair — and recommend modifications, refurbishment, or software updates to increase your efficiency. Planned modernization saves you money and ensures a fast return on investment.

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We’re there for you

Partnership for us means always being on hand to support you whenever and wherever you need us. With our global network of locations and expert partners, we make sure we are always right by your side.

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