Darmstadt TestCenter now supports testing of complete integrated solutions

Process industry professionals know that materials and equipment must be perfectly matched to deliver optimal results at lowest cost. Realistic and practical tests at Schenck Process TestCenters provide answers to their most searching questions. The company’s latest TestCenter installation, dedicated to pneumatic conveying, is now up and running in Darmstadt to help customers make the ideal choices.

Pneumatic conveying offers flexible, clean and energy-efficient conveying solutions for maximum productivity. The facility now offers a choice of conveying technologies, allowing Schenck Process to closely match solutions to a customer’s specific requirements. The continuous dense phase pneumatic conveying system has an extremely low breakage rate for highly sensitive bulk material, while the dilute phase system can be optimized for rate or efficiency. Both can be configured over 50 or 100 meter loops and are capable of rates up to 15 tonnes per hour.

The new Pneumatic TestCenter is co-located with test rigs for accurate testing of weighing, feeding and handling bulk solids materials. Schenck Process first opened its bulk solids TestCenter at its Darmstadt headquarters in 2008. With the addition of the Pneumatic TestCenter, customers can now view complete integrated solutions running tests in real-life situations. They can accurately quantify energy requirements and degradation results for their specific products.

Facilities at the Pneumatic TestCenter include:
  • Vacuum and pressure conveying
  • Performance up to 15t/h
  • Dilute phase and dense-phase conveying
  • 50m and 100m loops
  • Rotary valve outfeed station with optional intermediate bulk container (IBC) or belt weigher

The products deployed at the TestCenter include the patented E-finity® continuous dense phase conveying system for fragile materials and the Global Cleanable Airlock (GCA), which is perfect for food and pet food applications.

Schenck Process’s abilities to design, size, specify, fabricate, and integrate other OEM processes as well as installing and providing ongoing support delivers full control. As the primary equipment manufacturer, Schenck Process manages production schedules for faster lead times on highly-engineered, custom-built systems. The end result is a predictable, efficient, and effective material handling process solutions.

To find out more about the new Pneumatic TestCenter and other test facilities at Darmstadt, please visit us at Powtech on Booth 4A-208.

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