Monitoring Intelligence for Rail – the value-added rail system from Schenck Process.

The most important goal in rail transport today is the optimum utilization of transport capacities. At the same time, safety, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction take top priority.

There are four stakeholders in rail transport: the manufacturer, the rail network operator, the train operator and the maintenance company. Each one knows part of the situation and collects data and information – knowledge that could help the other stakeholders too. The basis for all this information is reproducible measurement data from Schenck Process, including that collected from the wheel/rail contact – the heart of the measurement systems.

Our track-based systems measure the safety-relevant load status of trains and also detect force impacts which may have been triggered by defective wheels. The measurement of noise emissions in compliance with standards also helps rail companies to reduce disturbance in densely populated areas while identifying critical vehicle statuses if used in conjunction with measurements of defective wheels.

The Trade & Trust product range includes systems for the dynamic and static weighing of coupled train sets for internal checkweighing as well as solutions that deliver legal-for-trade weight data as the basis for calculating the weight of individual cars and train sets.

Quiet, comfortable and low-wear rolling stock is the result of intensive development work by the vehicle constructor and day-to-day work in the maintenance workshops. We support both with reliable, standards-compliant measurement technology for bogie testing and corner load measurement of rail car and locomotive bodies. We also supply the technology to perform standards-compliant static and dynamic measurement of vertical wheel forces on rail vehicles. In fact, Schenck Process is also the technology leader when it comes to bogie pressure measuring devices.

The measurement of Y/Q forces on test tracks provides important data for the design of new rail vehicles, helping engineers to optimize design and minimize the risk of derailment.
As well as already complying with German and international standards, each of these innovative measuring systems has been further developed over the years to make it state-of-the-art.

Schenck Process is actively involved in the national and European standardization committees DIN and CEN. As a result, the standards are partly based on the results obtained by Schenck Process diagnosis systems.
This also includes the close collaboration between Schenck Process and many state railways, infrastructure providers, vehicle manufacturers, maintenance companies and TestCenters.

Schenck Process integrated measurement systems therefore always deliver reproducible measurement data. And therefore the crucial advantage:
because the best solution is to use all of your knowledge. We call this our cohesive technical measurement approach.

Imagine if everyone shared their knowledge? Knowledge that benefited all stakeholders. That’s what you get with mira.
mira is the latest innovation from Schenck Process – and once again it sets new standards in rail transport.

mira. Monitoring Intelligence for Rail. Monitoring Intelligence for Rail – the value-added rail system from Schenck Process.

The idea behind mira is that it collects the knowledge available to all stakeholders, collates it and analyzes it. But that’s not all: mira also provides assistance and instructions and distributes them to everyone who needs this information. For all four stakeholders, this represents an enormous benefit that pays off from the word go. As far as we know, there is currently no other comparable solution that can collate, interpret and even recommend actions to higher-level control systems the way mira does.

mira means shared advantages and benefits for all stakeholders:
» Cost savings and efficiency
» Satisfaction
» Sustainability
» Planability

But that’s not all. mira is easy to integrate. Because Schenck Process already supplies all the essential systems and therefore provides the necessary technical framework. Thus mira could become a reality today.

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