Schenck Process produces its biggest screen for delivery to Asia

The big screen! This term is taking on new meaning. The Schenck Process LinaClass® SLG linear vibrating screen measures 4 × 10 metres and is gigantic. It is the biggest Schenck Process screen ever built. Designed, assembled and tested by Schenck Process, Darmstadt.

What is a screen of this size built for?

In a nutshell, for the toughest requirements, for extreme environmental conditions and for difficult bulk solids with specific flow properties.

The screen was designed for the screening of cooled sinter at a feed rate of up to 450 t/h. The sinter is screened in advance and has a grain size of 0-10 mm. The fines are 0-5 mm in size, and the so-called returns are screened at an efficiency of around 96 percent. The high quality of screening required is guaranteed by the screening machine design and, moreover by the arrangement and type of screen panels selected.

Design and special features

Schenck Process has designed a machine suited to the toughest requirements.

The screen body alone weighs close to 30 tons. It is driven by two Schenck DF 604 V force exciters, which in turn are directly driven by the motor using drive shafts.

The screen is equipped with a vibration isolation frame to minimise dynamic forces and is mounted on a robust trolley with drive units, allowing for displacement in a longitudinal direction. The intermediate chute is integrated in the trolley as a collecting hopper for screen returns. The overall weight of this unit is approx. 65 tons.

Built for maximum reliability and availability

The screen body is constructed with accurately fitting components. After welding, the hollow cross members and the exciter bearer are stress-relieved and the flange areas machined. The fastening uses a HUCK rivet connection for a secure, long-term solution. Sinter is a highly abrasive material, and as a consequence Schenck Process attaches utmost importance to wear-protection measures in order to minimise possible follow-up costs.

All main parts of the screen body are protected with interchangeable wear-protection liners.

LinaClass® SLG is able to produce a large open screen area in the individual screen panels while ensuring a long service life thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. Stuck grain is avoided by a special perforation geometry. Extensive testing with a natural frequency measurement ensures full functionality right from the start.

Reliability, cost effectiveness, safety and a quick screen panel change are important characteristics for high availability.

The screen will be delivered at the end of 2010 and will be put into operation in Asia in 2011.

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