Training team plants trees for symbolic career start

With the slogan‚ “growing together: plant a tree, start your career,” the Schenck Process Europe training team kicked off its first career tree campaign this October. For the first time, trainees and students had the opportunity to symbolize their career start by planting their own tree seedlings.
In small groups, with team spirit, devotion and a lot of fun the young people planted eleven new littleleaf limes in Erlebnisallee Darmstadt. They received support by Hartmut Müller, head of the Forestry Office Darmstadt, Annerose Stambke and the Schenck Process Europe trainer team. The campaign intends to bring trainees and students closer together in their first months at their new work place and to strengthen their environmental awareness.

In cooperation with the Darmstadt Forestry Office, all new Schenck Process trainees and students will be able to take part in the campaign. With around 14,600 hectares of land, the Erlebnisallee offers sufficient space for this endeavor. Twice a year, under the supervision of Darmstadt Forestry Office, the Erlebnisallee also opens its doors for individuals and their wish to plant their personal trees.

The idea for the career trees originated as part of the initiative #einheitsbuddeln, for which Schenck Process donated over 500 trees in early October. Now, eleven more trees could be added and more are to follow in the upcoming years. Schenck Process has also been planting trees internationally. Together with Fruitful Office, eleven additional trees have found their new place in Malawi this year.

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