Schenck Process continues to demonstrate its deep commitment to the mining industry and its customers in South America by successfully installing another production site for injection molding screens in Brazil. With this, the company neatly expands on its earlier efforts to strengthen the focus on local expertise and support offerings. Due to increased customer proximity, the newest addition in Taubaté will shorten delivery and response times and further advance Schenck Process’s strategic focus on the Brazilian mining market:

“As part of our strategy to support mining processes and the increasing use of rubber panels in the mining industry, we are committed to our customers to deliver high quality rubber panels with short lead time, in order to attend the critical processes in the industry.”

explains Mauricio Jimenez, Managing Director of South America.

Jay Brown, President of Schenck Process LLC and President of SPG Americas, adds:

“The Rubber Injection Molding Machine in our Taubaté plant brings us closer to our customers in South America. It is another example of our commitment to the region. Our customer’s ongoing success is our passionate focus.”

The Taubaté machine will produce rubber screen panels for screens with a capacity of roughly 15,000 panels a year. Their high-quality, longer service life and improved process efficiency have proven to set new standards for screen panels. Combined with its local service offerings, Schenck Process continues to grow their Brazilian customers’ productivity and economic benefits.

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