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The global steel industry is under pressure. Massive overproduction has brought down prices. The competitive pressure exerted on European producers, especially from Asian markets, is intensifying steadily. To mark the 19th Handelsblatt Conference “Steel Market” in late February, the President of the World Steel Association, Dr. Wolfgang Eder, called on European steel manufacturers to focus on cutting-edge technology and leadership in innovation. When processing raw materials, environmental protection and energy consumption play an equally important role as the Industrial 4.0 philosophy oriented towards individualized production sizes and close-knit value networks. The steel industry is facing necessary changes which depend on the expertise of innovative technology providers. Schenck Process has made the challenges facing steel manufacturers its business.

The Darmstadt-based company Schenck Process GmbH develops in-depth needs analyses ahead of each of their projects in the steel production industry. Using the parameters of economy, energy use, quality, process safety, and environmental impact, engineers develop tailored measures along with customized new solutions. The company will be presenting its CONiQ Condition Monitoring System for screen machines and vibrating feeders at the Metec 2015. Committed to the principle of predictive maintenance, the condition monitoring system continuously measures the temperature and mechanical vibrations of machines as well as components and separates structure-borne sound from machine movement. Damage is thus detected early and reported.

Efficiency is the ability to adapt reliably

Efficient thinking begins with modifying and upgrading existing systems. In each steel mill, heavy overhead cranes used for transporting liquid steel or poured slab are a central means of production. Successfully integrating weighing systems with high accuracy in such cranes for new construction or modernization projects, brings a wide range of benefits to the steel production in the areas of production management, process safety, and material accounting.
The MULTILADLE product family consists of a wide range of solutions for weighing liquid pig iron or steel: From the ultra-precise load cell to radio data transmission, right down to standardized data transfer to the control system. By combining our weighing electronics DISOBOX Plus and DISOMAT Tersus for example, overload protection in accordance with EN ISO 13849 can be realized for up to two crane hoists. In many cases, the weighing mechanics in the crane can even continue to be used without needing to be modified. The DISOMAT Tersus weighing terminal adapts to current and future data processing and control systems thanks to extensive communication options. It is equipped with a collective load memory that periodically provides the operators with the recorded load history. This reduces maintenance intervals for the crane thus saving on costs while also increasing availability.

Screens for challenging bulk solid material

The flip-flop screen machine FlexaClass SFX is the ideal solution when it comes to processing precious raw materials efficiently. Fine-grained and wet solids can clog or stick screen linings. To prevent this, FlexaClass uses the principle behind the flip-flop screen machine, meaning the screen panel moves like a trampoline. The bulk materials are accelerated to a high speed and can be screened easily. The additional stretching of the screen panel allows it to clean itself.

Cutting-edge technology from our test center

Schenck Process provides a range of pneumatic conveying solutions which can convey materials at transfer rates of up to 300 tph and over distances of up to 2km. Also injection solutions that can inject materials such as pulverized fuels, feed materials, additives and recycled dusts into smelting furnaces or other processes where high accuracy, smooth material flow is essential, and in many cases where high temperatures are involved.
All of these technologies provide high reliability and availability with low maintenance, in an environmentally friendly manner, minimizing dust emissions and reducing waste.
Innovative pneumatic conveying and injection systems for the iron and steel, non ferrous metals, and other heavy industries are tested and evaluated on four different test rigs in the test center in the English city of Doncaster. The company generates precise solutions for the material flow from the practical knowledge gained from these tests.
The LOGiQ fully automated software logistics solution thus completes the broad portfolio of Schenck Process for the steel industry to make the transition into the future of the industry 4.0. Specifically developed for the bulk materials and cargo industry and optimized at regular intervals, the automation software networks all processes from orders to shipment and shows how it can be flexibly adapted to meet individual customer specifications.

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