First product from virtual software company simplifies automated shipping processes

It’s only when the company computer network fails that you realise how much you depend on this form of data processing. But what is simply annoying for private users often results in big drops in turnover for businesses. Smoothly functioning business software is therefore indispensable. Therefore, the Schenck Process Group has now set up its own, virtual software company. In the future, it will provide highly automated, reliable solutions on which any Schenck programmer can easily access, minimising the financial risks to which customers are exposed.

The Schenck Process Group uses programmers for PC-based software solutions at its various sites around the world. This decentralised way of working makes sense as direct customer contact is often needed. But with the virtual software company, the expertise is bundled and centrally coordinated at the same time. Bundling the specialist departments involved ensures that we can offer our customers a totally redesigned form of software, based on the Java programming language.

The first product to be launched by the new software house is LOGiQ, a software package for automated shipping processes. LOGiQ is middleware for automating the planning and loading of bulk materials and cargo. While it is suited to all areas of industry, the software focuses on the cement, chemical and steel industries.

Alongside obvious attributes like stability and flexibility, LOGiQ is the first such product suitable for any operating system. Furthermore, since it is totally separate from the data layer, it is not dependent on the databases preferred by the customer.

LOGiQ has mainly been designed for use on web browsers, allowing customers to enjoy significantly lower PC administration costs with at least the same level of operating convenience. Proprietary software installations are a thing of the past thanks to LOGiQ, where the visualisation has been fully redesigned. As far as customers are concerned, they can redesign their customer portals given that the individual layers of the multi-layer software are totally separate from one another.

Virtually any system sizes can be handled thanks to the consistent orientation towards distributed system modules. However, consistent management of user rights was used right from the start to ensure that only authorised persons receive information.

LOGiQ will not be the last product in the Schenck Process Group’s new software offensive. Other elements for PC-supported industrial process measurement and control systems and for diagnosis systems used during travel are already being planned.

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