Frost & Sullivan confers its 2007 European Growth Strategy Leadership Award on the Schenck Process Group (Schenck Process) acknowledging the company’s structured approach to its business via 5 International Business Segments, broad product portfolio, ability to provide complete solutions to its customers and capacity to deliver continuous local support while maintaining a global presence.

Acknowledging the unique way the company leverages its solutions in weighing and feeding technology across a wide spectrum of end-user industries and applications, Frost & Sullivan analyst Karthikeyan Balasubramaniyam notes ” The Schenck Process Group has fortified its position in the European weighing machinery and feeding equipment market under a collective impact of balanced business approach, vast process industry experience, technological expertise, broad market coverage and strong sales and service network. The success of the company in being able to synergise these key factors into a strong and proactive growth strategy aimed at scaling higher levels of growth in mature markets has made it the deserving recipient of the 2007 Frost & Sullivan European Growth Strategy Leadership Award.”

Karthikeyan Balasubramaniyam continues,” The European industrial weighing machinery and feeding equipment market is a mature market growing at a low rate of 2.5 to 3.0 per cent in 2006. This underscores the need for the market participants to evolve a growth strategy by identifying the areas of potential growth within the market. Schenck Process has been successful in evaluating the market scenario and has capitalised on the growth opportunities to the fullest which is well exemplified in the company’s success in the transportation automation segment where there has been a clear demand for accurate static and ‘in-motion’ weighing.”

Underpinned by many factors including quality, reliability, after-sales service and brand image, Schenck Process’ product solutions enjoy significant demand from heavy industries such as gypsum, cement and steel production and light industries such as chemicals, food and plastics production. Power, mining and transport automation on the road, rail and in the harbour are some of the other end-user industries that comprise Schenck Process’ diverse yet compatible product portfolio.

Karthikeyan Balasubramaniyam notes ”The company has structured its business into five core International Business Segments (IBS) namely, IBS Heavy, IBS Light, IBS Mining, IBS Power and IBS Transport Automation. With a proven technological expertise, robust network of service support and a plethora of industry relevant products, the company has been successful in catering to the requirements of these varied end-user segments.”

Noting the key way that Schenck Process addresses its market via its IBS structure, Karthikeyan Balasubramaniyam continues, “A significant success factor for Schenck Process has been its ability to transfer and apply its successful weighing and measuring technology across its 5 different IBS. This emphasises the comprehensive nature of the products developed and the company’s ability to find newer avenues for its product’s usage. The company’s success in the Transport Automation segment can to a certain extent be attributed to the usage of its successful weighing technology from other business segments e.g. IBS Heavy and developing added-value product/service offerings around them e.g. LOGiQ® Loading Automation Systems and MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight solutions; applications which are also satisfying the growing needs of IBS Light customers.”

Stewart D. Murdoch, Schenck Process’ Director of Business Development & Marketing comments “we are extremely proud and honoured to be the recipient of the European Growth Strategy Leadership Award as it pays tribute to not only the way we have structured our business but how we actually deliver our products and services through our customer-orientated business model.

Our success is our customer’s success and by being able to transfer the experiences we gain from serving such diverse end-user industries such as cement, power and pharmaceuticals enables us to add more value to our customers by being better able to optimise their process efficiency.

Higher levels of weighing, feeding and screening accuracy coupled with outstanding levels of equipment ‘in-service’ time equates to increased process efficiency and ultimately cost savings to the customer. And the combination of our local and global approach to customer care enables us to form close, mutually rewarding working relationships with our customers on an ongoing basis.”

About Frost & Sullivan and their Best Practices Award Category of ‘European Growth Strategy Leadership’

Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company serves an extensive clientele that includes Global 1,000 companies, emerging companies and the investment community by providing comprehensive industry coverage that reflects a unique global perspective and combines ongoing analysis of markets, technologies, econometrics and demographics.

The Frost & Sullivan Award for European Growth Strategy Leadership is given to the company that has bolstered their position in the market during the base year and whose strategy will have a lasting impact on the market. The award criteria is based on the ability to grow in a saturated or maturing market, implementing a unique sales strategy, technological innovation and leadership, discovering new venues for an established product, effective internet strategy, strategic mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures to penetrate new markets and organisation structured around growth strategy.

Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry.

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Frost & Sullivan European Growth Strategy Leadership Award

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