Optimized, low-maintenance, flexible

Optimized design, flexible hopper walls and flexible installation options make the ProFlex® C a tailored solution for the compound and masterbatch industries. The ProFlex® C feeding system is used for the continuous feeding of bulk materials such as powder, granulates, pellets or fibers.

The ProFlex® C will be presented in three feeder sizes at the Schenck Process stand A6-6010 at Fakuma, which takes place from October 17-21 in Friedrichshafen.

With ProFlex® C 500, 3000 and 6000, Schenck Process offers three feeder sizes with a total of five extension hoppers. All ProFlex® models have extension hoppers which are easy to clean and an adaptable, space-saving design that enables optimum installation in existing and new production plants. The off-center feeder arrangement allows up to eight feeders with close-fitting discharge helixes and nozzles to be used.

The drive and feeder setup can be customized during assembly. For maximum flexibility, the direction of the discharge side can be easily changed at any time. Schenck Process is now offering the choice between different discharge lengths as standard. Only two highly accessible sides are needed for service work. Various feed hoppers, gear reducers, helixes and nozzles are available for adaptation to the special properties of bulk materials.

All models are available as loss-in-weight feeders and volumetric feeders.

The complete ProFlex® C product family is designed for compounding and is the perfect choice for high-precision feeding. All products are maintenance-free, easy to clean and impeccably hygienic.

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