Hygienic design for MULTIDOS® L Weighfeeder

The MULTIDOS® L Weighfeeder from Schenck Process delivers outstanding results in gravimetric feeding tasks or when recording mass flows of special products. If the installation height is very low and transport distances need to be covered, it’s certainly the right system: economic, space-saving and virtually maintenance-free.

MULTIDOS® L is available both as an open design and with a dustproof housing variant. It is either supplied in its standard industrial design or special designs for a host of different industry sectors. This weighfeeder has an individual, customised solution for any application.

MULTIDOS® L with hygienic design

The MULTIDOS® L is now available with a hygienic design which satisfies the most stringent hygienic requirements of the food industry and offers numerous benefits. For example, the weighing module is incredibly easy to dismantle and assemble, saving time and effort for frequent cleaning intervals and wet cleaning. All relevant parts for cleaning are secured with easy to use plug connections. The casing can be taken off and the mechanism removed to the side. This allows the MULTIDOS® L to be dismantled and re-assembled in just seven minutes without any hitches.

The overriding features of the MULTIDOS® L Weighfeeder are its versatility and extreme flexibility. The standardised modular system with a band width of 300 to 1,200mm and wheel bases of between 1,000 and 3,500mm is available in 100% stainless steel. Its maximum output is 170m³/hr.

Optimum adaptation

Whether used in the food, plastics or chemical industry, MULTIDOS® L can be perfectly adapted to a large number of applications. The weigh module is used as a measuring and feeding system. By integrating weighing technology from Schenck Process, the system precisely handles a wide variety of products such as cocoa powder, cereals, salt or freeze-dried vegetables. The open variant of the MULTIDOS® L model is also used for special applications in the meat-processing industry, for example when making mincemeat or sausages, i.e. those processes requiring the most stringent of hygiene standards.

The proven DISOCONT® or the new INTECONT® Plus electronics are used for feeding or measuring systems. They can be installed in a control cabinet or even in a field housing as a MechaTronic version. Our control electrons are fully compatible to interfacing with modern bus connections such as Profibus DP, Ethernet or DeviceNet thus making linking to on-site process control systems easy.

EasyServe configuration and parameterisation software also offers the user help in an user-friendly way. It is available on CD-ROM and contains detailed descriptions for the user.

The benefits at a glance

  • Version with housing or as open model, 100% stainless steel
  • FDA certified product contact parts
  • Available in hygienic design as an option (suited for wet cleaning applications)
  • Quick Clean design with removable casing and option for taking mechanism out to the side
  • Quick and easy belt change using quick-clamping equipment
  • Fixed drive technology outside the housing. No chain drive (plug-in coupling)
  • Modern MechaTronic drive with integrated frequency converter, fully configured and wired to electronics (plug and play)
  • Belt monitoring with automatic compensation for belt influences
  • High troughput rates of up to 170m³/hr with high-precision measuring and feeding of between ±0.25 and ±0.5%
  • Batch operation with coarse/fine flow function and loading at the point of discharge

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