The technology of the future for demanding logistics applications

For 7 years and with great success, Schenck Process has been marketing the DISOMAT® B plus weighing terminal but now it is being replaced with a new and even more powerful terminal: DISOMAT® Tersus is adaptable, flexible, sustainable and will handle all your complex tasks.

The device for the toughest requirements

Thanks to its increased processing power, the DISOMAT® Tersus can even handle demanding processes requiring intensive computation. Its wealth of communication options allows it to be easily incorporated in data processing and control systems – regardless of whether you use a PLC, PC or other superordinate systems. Do you use industrial fieldbuses and USB? Or do you need standard inputs and outputs? DISOMAT® Tersus is at home anywhere. An Ethernet interface is even integrated as standard.
The number of digital and analogue inputs and outputs on the new terminal has been doubled and the optional memory expansion provided by the USB stick makes the device suitable for even more applications. The version with two measuring channels makes the system powerful enough to handle parallel measuring and feeding on both channels. Filling or discharge scales can also be easily combined.

Maximum performance with individual design

When operating via a PC or laptop using Bluetooth or Ethernet, the DISOPLAN graphic interface allows you to conveniently and quickly set device parameters, adjust the device and configure the print layout. The firmware and all set parameters can be backed up and easily and speedily restored.

Be inspired by the modern, clear user guidance on the backlit LCD with graphics. This ensures that you can always see all the information you need in an instant and that you can quickly read without wasting time.
Do you need different operating languages or case designs? Well, that’s not a problem for the DISOMAT® Tersus. You can select from different case and assembly versions and a dozen possible operating languages.

But that’s not all. The DISOMAT® Tersus has more to offer:

  • Calibration version (8000d, multi-range multi-division scale 3 × 4000d)
  • Temperature range -30ºC to +60ºC, can be calibrated between -30ºC and +40ºC
  • Ethernet connection integrated as standard
  • Four integrated USB ports (for PC keyboard, printer, calibration memory and memory expansion)
  • Scope for connecting up industrial fieldbuses
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth – interface optional
  • Wireless configuration of scale electronics via Bluetooth interface

Technology for the future ready to take on discerning work

But continuity hasn’t been thrown out the window. The DISOMAT® Tersus presses ahead with the proven electro-mechanical concept of its predecessor and retains the same casing shape and dimensions. The Tersus is based on the same processor platform as all the other devices in the DISOMAT® series and uses the same software sources. The structure and design of the keyboard and operations closely resemble those of DISOMAT® B plus. It goes without saying that the device is compatible with its predecessor – both in terms of electrical connections and communication logs.
The DISOMAT® Tersus is intended mainly for scale applications capable of calibration in the high performance range and for scales in the production process – both those capable of calibration and those which are not. It delivers the best results in demanding logistics applications! All that remains is to say that it is a highly flexible device and can be adapted to different tasks – you could call it a “high-tech work horse” for every application.

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