Futuristic technology combined with outstanding value

Compact, capable of calibration and equipped with the latest processor and field bus technology, the latest edition to the proven DISOMAT® family demonstrates that logistic solutions with calibration capability can also be cost-effective. The new device is astonishingly capable and versatile, presenting the ideal solution for all straightforward logistics tasks.

The Multi-talented electronic with a huge application spectrum

The DISOMAT® Opus has been developed on the basis of the field proven DISOMAT® F plus weighing terminal for straightforward logistics tasks capable of calibration. It is also prepared to handle the functions of the well-known weighing transmitter DISOMAT® T. The development itself was carried out on the basis of the proven DISOMAT® B plus weighing terminal, making it a multi-talented offspring of the DISOMAT® family. Smaller, more compact and offering outstanding value; designed as a multi-talented device for a wide application spectrum:

The DISOMAT® Opus weighing indicator is ideally suited for all applications in which weight values must be recorded, displayed, printed and transmitted to a higher-level system for further processing, and also is capable of calibration. Additionally, component/system calibration is possible with the DISOMAT® Opus e.g. platform scales, container scales, filling level measurements, vehicle scales, crane scales or single-component dosing. The selection of different interfaces enables a wide range of simple process applications.

The communications professional; Adaptable, Multilingual and Extendable

Thanks to the comprehensive communications facilities, the device can be easily integrated into data-processing and control systems, whether MPC or PC or higher-level systems. Whether for conventional input/outputs, industrial fieldbus or USB – connections are required. The DISOMAT® Opus is at home in any environment, and even includes an integral on-board Ethernet port.

The DISOPLAN graphic user interface enables easy and quick adaptation of the device parameters, adjustment of the device, configuration of the print format, together with back-up and restore functions.

Do you need different operating languages or housing versions? No problem for this multi-talented device. The wide range of housing and installation versions and the dozen available operating languages speak for themselves.

The heart of the DISOMAT® Opus is the new 32 Bit ARM Controller, which offers more than enough performance reserves for quick weighing procedures and the simultaneous operation of several interfaces. The perfect requirements for further future applications.

A leading concept:
  • Calibration version (6000d, multi-range multi-division scale 3× 4000d)
  • Stainless steel housing variant
  • Integrated data memory capable of calibration
  • Intelligent load cell plug (dongle)
  • On-board Ethernet interface (Profibus, DeviceNet available as options)
  • USB connection
  • Parameter setting via customer network (DISOPLAN via Ethernet)

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