DFT truck scales, the fifth generation

As soon as the latest generation of mature technologies concentrates solely on making opti-mum features even better, customers get much more than a basic product. And these innova-tive extras are the icing on the cake. The new DFT truck scales from Schenck Process have received top marks for their noteworthy optimisations. The first of these is the cost-effective overall solution with its new, highly robust legal-for-trade VDW load cell, that has been de-signed especially for the DFT variant.

The experience gained from the DFT variant of the truck scales of which, more than 2,700 have been sold throughout Europe to date, can be seen in the latest generation’s optimised concept. For example, the entire truck scales are pre-fabricated out of high-quality precast concrete parts of the C45/55 strength class. When combined with the robust, zero-maintenance RTN ring torsion load cells and suitable elastomer mount elements or the new low-cost VDW load cell, we supply a complete model that can be installed in just one day.

The new Schenck Process truck scales have been perfected to the nth degree and are state-of-the-art. The makeover also includes the optional, permanently integrated strip foundations, mounted directly on the foundation bed, which results in another benefit: the scales are simply placed in a sand bed prepared by the customer. Less elaborate installation with shorter installation times than the previous precast strip foundations makes the new option much more attractive. The new solution no longer requires the customer to prepare the concrete. Construction work simply involves earth-moving.

One type for all applications, at all locations

There’s no one single perfect set of truck scales for all applications as they are used in such different places and for such different tasks. And this is why Schenck Process is offering a wide range of types in its fifth generation of the tried and tested DFT truck scales. An individually adapted system can be supplied for each specifically defined task and locality. Special lengths and special widths are provided in addition to the common standards. Options include the new DFT truck scales with a huge range of surface seals, road surface heating, road surface marks and concrete dyeing. The scales can also be easily fitted into gradients up to a specified limit.

Depending on the length of the scales, they may be supplied in a pit version as a one- or two-part weighbridge with foundation bed, or as an above-ground version, in the following standard designs. With a single weighbridge in sizes: 8m, 10m, 12m. With two weighbridges in sizes: 16m, 18m, 20m, 24m, 25m. Special sizes can be supplied in various versions.

The above-ground scales are just 40cm high and are best supplemented by filler walls with integrated foundations before and after the truck scales. Here the filler walls are a low-cost alternative for creating on and off ramps. Yet another benefit comes in the form of the easy way in which the truck scales can be relocated.

When combined with the forward-looking, electronic analysis systems of the DISOMAT® family, the scales produce user-friendly and very powerful weighing systems. PC solutions right up to automated shipping systems for around-the-clock automatic operations complement the new generation of truck scales.

Emphasis on safety

The above-ground scales are fitted with kerbs as standard for safely guiding vehicles. The pit version of the truck scales can be accessed from any side. Adjustable hard rubber shock absorbers limit the weighbridges’ transverse and end play. Both weighbridges and foundation beds with various kerb profiles to suit any installation situation can also be supplied with the pit scales.

Yet another safety element is provided in the form of the integrated concrete safety barrier, fitted at every mounting point, which makes possible further enhanced, simpler and faster alignment of the bridges during installation.

Maintenance and cleaning made simple

The pit scales have access points on all bridges, which simplifies commissioning, maintenance and cleaning. To improve self-cleaning, a steeper slope has been produced in the centre of the bed and a drainage channel with face end connection integrated. The foundation bed is now 10cm deeper than the last generation, giving a total height of 88cm, which again improves scope for maintenance and cleaning.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Pit or above-ground version made from precast concrete parts
  • Cost-effective overall solution
  • Assembled in one day
  • Standard scale lengths of between 8 and 25m possible
  • Minimal preparations required on site thanks to bed with integrated strip foundations (optional)
  • Easy relocation
  • Schenck Process runs manufacturer’s calibration

Contact our specialists for more details of truck scales for your specific application – they will be well worth it. The robust, state-of-the-art, highly durable truck scales will save you time and money. We’d be happy to advise you on the special features of the new, low-cost legal-for-trade VDW load cell.

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