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Delivering truly sustainable cement production requires a fully integrated approach that spans your entire plant. With our market-leading MULTICOR cement processing solutions, we help you meet the defining challenges in today’s marketplace, by dramatically reducing your CO2 emissions in line with new regulations – and ensuring the quality and competitive pricing of your product through the value-added efficiencies of our unique and innovative approach.

Reduce your carbon footprint with us

Whether for bulk delivery or bagging, our MULTICOR mass flow meter makes the sustainable cement revolution possible by providing the precision automatic weighing and feeding that ensures the quality of your composite cement products every time (limestone powder, fly ash, pozzolan, filter dust and others).

Reduce your operational costs with us

Traditional cement production is based on the push principle of making and storing goods ahead of demand, which is costly and inefficient. Our MULTICOR blending system makes the sustainable cement revolution possible by enabling you to switch to the pull principle – so you only produce goods on demand, and to order. This eliminates the need for storage and drastically reduces blending costs too. For a new plant, this approach delivers many relevant savings.

Your specialist partner every step of the way

With more than 80+ years of experience working with the world’s leading cement producers, we have the deep application know-how you can count on to tailor plant-wide solutions to meet your most exacting needs. From manufacturing and loading to logistics and transport, we have the fully integrated market-leading solutions – as well as the service concepts you can trust to sustain them.

Empowering your sustainability with Alternative Fuels

Powering your plant using Alternative Fuels (AF) is one of the best ways to reduce both your costs and CO2 emissions. Our solutions like e.g. the MultiFlex feeder, make the sustainable cement revolution possible by giving you the market-leading flexibility to harness the power of even the coarsest waste materials to optimally power your plant. For absolute confidence, our state-of-the-art AF TestCenter in Prague can ensure your materials and machines are also perfectly matched before you deploy.

Read how a Czech cement producer increased its feed rate with our sustainable solution.

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We are the global partner who lives your process challenges with you. Our passion for always going the extra mile to deliver the best solutions means there’s nothing we can’t solve together.

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Tailored service you can count on

Because every service challenge is unique, we work with you every step of the way to develop a concept that is fully tailored to your unique needs.

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Test for the best

With our global Test Centers, we can ensure your ingredients and machines are always perfectly matched before you deploy them.

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Partnership for us means always being on hand to support you whenever and wherever you need us. With our global network of locations and expert partners, we make sure we are always right by your side.

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