Bulk Material Handling for Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturing

Adhesives and sealants are comprised of a wide variety of liquids, pastes, powders, granules, and solid melt ready materials. Most applications incorporate some amount of liquids and solids passing through a mixing or extrusion process to form a custom mixture specific to each product. Getting those materials into and away from the mixing or extrusion process in a clean, timely, and accurate manner is important. Schenck Process has years of industry experience handling raw ingredients and additives for manufacturing adhesives and sealants. Whether it is material unloading, pneumatic conveying, receiving and storage, precision feeding, dust collection, size reduction or screening, Schenck Process has the system to meet your specific needs and all of it can be combined into one system by our project management team.

Pneumatic conveying technologies

Pneumatic conveying has fewer moving parts and greater flexibility for plants with changing needs. Enclosed pipelines protect the material from contamination and virtually eliminate degradation of the product into smaller particles that can present a dust hazard. Pneumatic conveying also integrates filtration while delivering materials to their destination.

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems operate on the principle that the solids will be suspended in the conveying line air stream. This is accomplished by metering product into a moving air stream.

Benefits of dilute phase pneumatic conveying:

Totally enclosed system

Smaller footprint

Significantly minimized degradation

Few moving parts

Reduced installation costs

Lower maintenance costs

Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems operate at smaller air volumes and higher air pressures. Materials are pulsed through the convey lines and are ideal systems for handling easily damaged or porous products.

Benefits of dense phase pneumatic conveying:

Improves sanitary conditions

Minimal product breakage

Allows for greater system flexibility

Improves housekeeping

Reduces plant footprint

Low horsepower requirement

It is important that adhesives and sealants manufacturing facilities employ dust collection systems that are uniquely designed according to plant specifications and also have the benefits of:

  • Limiting emissions
  • Being specifically designed for ease of maintenance
  • Accounting for critical moisture concerns in the environment
  • Including cleanout or inspection opening in ductwork

The MechaTron feeder features the unique ability to disassemble, clean, reconfigure or service from the non-process side. Offered in three model sizes with either a Coni-Flex flexible hopper or in all stainless steel, the MechaTron’s versatility makes it ideal for adhesives and sealants processing applications.

  • Feed rates from 0.057 to 32,160 liters per hour
  • Conical mass flow hopper design
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning and servicing

The MechaTron Liquid Loss-in-Weight Feeding system is the cost-efficient feeding solution for low to high viscous liquids. It has a robust design and is extremely accurate.

The flexible design of the MechaTron Liquid feeder allows the use of customized agitators, electrical or liquid tracing and different pump configurations.

  • Gravimetric feeding accuracies of ±0.5% or better
  • Integrated measuring, control and supervisory electronics
  • Support frame complete with 2 precision strain-gauge weighing modules
  • Equipped with a regulated dosing pump

The SacMaster bulk bag discharge system has a modular design that provides flexible positioning to meet many process requirements. A patented agitation system allows the SacMaster to empty even the most difficult bulk solids from bulk bags of all types and sizes.

  • Posi-flow agitation to eliminate material bridging and promote full bag emptying
  • Two agitation and two pivoting paddles for full bag support
  • Modular design for easy system customization and compatibility
  • Dust collection units available for dusty or hazardous materials

The Schenck Process bag dump station is ideal for manually emptying or unloading small bags of bulk solid materials. Integrated bags and bag cages effectively reduce dust and protect against explosions and other hazardous situations.

  • Carbon steel grate
  • 10 gauge formed carbon steel legs
  • Integral pulse jet air filter
  • Bag cups: mineral reinforced nylon
  • Bag cages: galvanized carbon steel

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