Clay, marl, tuff and silt are difficult materials to feed. Standard feed systems can’t cope with their dampness, stickiness and instability. It is virtually impossible for a constant product quality to be achieved.

The answer is apron weighfeeders. Standard apron weighfeeders are simply used as metering hoppers for the belt weighfeeder and work by volume alone. Apron weighfeeders from Schenck Process conveniently couple this process with the function of gravimetric feeding.

In order to transport complex materials, the belt comprises overlapping buckled plates which smoothly transport even sticky products. If required, the belts are fitted with needles for the needle valve integrated in the apron weighfeeder to block off the feed hopper. If required by the application, sloughing drums are also used to homogenise the discharged material and scraper conveyors to remove it.

The belt of plates features rollers which are linked by a chain and run on a rail. There is a weighing rail in the transport rail to record the belt load. The pockets in the buckled plates increase as the belt moves towards the point of discharge, so that sticky, clinging bulk material can be released with ease.

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