Many of our customers have been operating their machines for many years and are satisfied with the work they do. In recent years, more and more demands for flexibility and changed operating conditions have arisen that can no longer be met by the machines alone. In order to allow the installed machines to handle these changed applications and conditions, we offer digital services in addition to the installed base. The various services and solutions are interlinked to form a digital ecosystem that covers all process steps and thus provides individual optimisation potential for all users. We will introduce our portfolio of digital services on this page using only carefully selected examples.

“Our digital ecosystem provides us with opportunities for better and customised use of the actual product and application. With their digital connectivity, we multiply the possible ways of using the machines - just like apps on a smartphone.”

cdo-hackstein-portrait.jpgHolger Hackstein, Chief Digital Officer

Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Using real-time technical data, our Condition Monitoring service ensures constant process reliability. Not only does it provide information about the condition of the plant, but the digital service also delivers reaction time. Detecting potential malfunctions of plant components at an early stage leaves enough time to replace them without causing major downtime. An unplanned shutdown and thus a production standstill can be prevented. Together, Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance enable companies to operate more sustainably.

Remote Service with CONiQ Assist

The precondition for Remote Service with CONiQ Assist is the digital integration of the respective machine. In the event of an urgent situation, you don't have to wait for days for a specialist to arrive. Instead, he or she can immediately join in digitally and solve the problem in your system remotely. Process consulting, troubleshooting, assistance with commissioning or even technical training - all this is possible remotely by telephone, e-mail, video and mixed reality with CONiQ Assist. In acute cases, our telephone hotline is available 24/7.

Process Automation with LOGiQ

Where a large number of people, vehicles and machines are involved, our LOGiQ yard management software solution provides valuable assistance. LOGiQ can, for example, take over logistics processing on your factory premises. When loading and unloading lorries, it saves personnel who can complete other tasks during this time. All data can be tracked at any time in real time with a basic IT system (e.g. SAP). The benefits are self-evident. Not only can the entire logistics chain on your premises be handled by LOGiQ, but you also save on labour costs, optimise your turnaround times and can make the best possible use of your existing workers, especially in the face of the skilled labour shortage. Of course, we offer remote support to all LOGiQ users at all times. Here, our digital offers interlock once again.

“Remote support is not just a promise at Schenck Process, it's a reality. The experts for our product LOGiQ® are always at our side when we need support.”

hitz-portrait.jpgJürg Hitz, Project Manager at Jura Materials